Z Cavaricci


Z Cavaricci What?

What MC Hammer is to parachute pants is what Z Cavaricci is to pants in the 80’s. Z cavaricci along with other brands such as Girbaud brought light to the phenomenon of baggy parachute pants. You might wonder why? Well, why not? Just because we have the notion of it being ugly doesn’t mean “ugly” wasn’t an “IN” thing during that era.

The baggy parachute pant design was originally adopted from fashion designs in Europe and it became an instant hit in the U.S. Z cavaricci was known for their high waist, pulled up to your rib cage grandpa trouser combined with multi pleating, belt loops, self-belting details and the label on the fly. The details on these pants were immaculate and people paid a premium just to have this clownish look that cavaricci so graciously offered to its customers. ZCavaricci pants came in an assortment of colors and fabrics, even leather.

Why was Cavaricci so sought after?

If you didn’t own a pair of Cavaricci back in the 80’s, you weren’t in the “in crowd”. There was also a special way you had to roll and peg the bottom of these pants that it became a form of science in itself. When reminiscing over Z Cavaricci pants, many guys fondly remembering putting their best pair of Cavaricci on and hitting up the clubs. These pants were so magical that women flocked to men who had them on. If you think about that for a second, it seems so ridiculous that you’d LOL if you saw something like that in person. But like all things past and future, it’s just a phase and it’ll pass in due time like it has done in the 80’s…or has it come back to haunt us all over again? Just stop smoking your junk and put some Cavaricci on your trunk!

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