warheads candy
One of my favorite candies during the great 80s was… MOTHER FRACKING WARHEADS! These candies were the shit. They will literally rip your face off while you pucker your lips like an idiot in the corner of the room. Yes, the warheads sour candy is that great. I don’t believe you should grow up without ever tasting it. It’s pretty much a rites of passage type of a deal. You just have to try them to experience them for yourself.

Warheads Historic blah blah blah

Warheads were originally invented in Taiwan back in the mid 70s and imported to the U.S. in the 80s. There are many flavors including: apple (my favorite), blue raspberry, black cherry, lemon and watermelon. Originally, they also had a bunch of hot flavors but those didn’t nearly get the reception that the normal flavors got, thus they were canned. Instantly, these candies became a hit and was all the rage with the kiddies, myself included. This candy is sour. If you think sour apples, sour dates, sour anything is sour, you haven’t tried warhead candy. The candy will literally suck your ass back into your stomach and poop it back out again at the same time. The culprit for this immense sourness? A layer of malic acid derivative is applied to the outside of the hard candy to simply, FUCK YOU UP, BOY!

Good Warhead Times!

I always found myself in the candy isle at a store looking for different warhead flavors to conquer, when I was a little boy. Till this day, the apple remains my most favorite warhead candy flavor. I remember buying a bag back in 2000 on a road trip and I had kept a single warhead candy wrapped and unopened till this day, in a glass case… i know, i’m crazy. If you’re looking to experience warheads, I think you can find it pretty much at any Walmart, drug stores, etc. If you go looking for trouble, you’ll most likely find it in an alley, behind a dumpster, errr or something along those lines. To humor you guys some more, here’s a video of a kid having this first warhead. This video if fuckin’ money! Hilarious reaction from the kid, LOL. Check it out. Peace.

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