The Karate Kid

I was watching The Karate Kid Part 3 last night on YouTube and thought I’d write something about one of the best Trilogies of the 80’s. Karate Kid was one of those films that made all of us 80’s kids want to be a karate kid. We all want to learn the secrets of Kara-tay and kick some bully’s ass, which apparently was the theme for the entire trilogy, sort of… minus the teachings of Mr. Miyagi.

The Karate Kid was probably the only “karate” movie that I’ve EVER seen without much KARATE, at all. I mean all 3 movies were of Daniel getting his ass kicked or bullied for most of the movie while Mr. Miyagi tries to preach the goodness of honor, respect and discipline – which are very good traits to attain mind you. But miraculously, at the end of each movie, Daniels somehow pulls some crazy kara-tay out of his ass and defending his sensei’s teachings in about 20 seconds time. I LOL’d when I thought about the build up of the entire story of the first Karate Kid to when Daniel simply Crane kicking his opponent to defeat. The 2nd ending was no slouch either, as Daniel looked as if he slapped the shit out of his opponent to the sound of mini drums twisted by hand. The ending of the 3rd was the best as Daniel strutted his karate form like a model on the catwalk, before he let loose his crazy-omfg-noway-you-just-did-that karate jitsu. The shit was awesome, and you better not think otherwise!

But in all seriousness, Karate kid Trilogy was one of my favorites when I was a kid. The whole simplicity of it all had the kids glued to the screen like flies to shit and that’s exactly what it was good for. Good wholesome entertainment was all the rage and we really should have more of that. I leave you with a great quote from Mr. Miyagi and no it’s not “wax on, wax off”.

“You stay focus! Daniel San you best karate is still inside, NOW TIME LET OUT!” – Mr. Miyagi (R.I.P. great karate sensei – please note he did not know karate in real life)

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