Skinny Jeans, Why I Hate Them

I don’t want to sound like a hater, and don’t you dare send us hate mail for this one, but it is the official stance of Clothes Worn In The 80s that most people do not look good in skinny jeans. It is not a particularly masculine look for the men and only sixteen percent of girls out there can pull off that look. You might wonder how I was able to come up with that exact percentage. Well wonder no more, I made it up.

What is a skinny jean? I have no idea what the official definition is but we all know when we see it. The jeans have a very slim, almost a skin tight, fit throughout the leg and an even narrower opening at the bottom. Sometimes a little bit of spandex is combined with the denim to give the jeans an even slimmer look. I personally believe that only Olympic athletes should be allowed to wear spandex in any form but apparently most people in LA feel different these days.
This style of denim wear was first popular in the 50’s but sadly it returned in the eighties when many rockers came to the conclusion that wearing tights for all those years might have given off the impression that they were trying out for the Moscow ballet. Bands like Poison and Bon Jovi were just some of the glam rock bands that made the difficult transition from spandex tight to jeans that look like spandex tights.

At least I understand going from spandex to skinny jeans, but how do you go from boot cut jeans to this atrocity as people are doing today. People should be ashamed of themselves. If I wanted to see all of their private parts I would start dating them.

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