Skinny Jeans Don’t Have To Be Bad

In response to the previous post of “I Hate Skinny Jeans”. As a denim designer myself, I see where your assumptions come from “ES” but your generalization will leave your argument of hating skinny jeans a bit lack luster. You do have valid points in that skinny jeans are not for everyone and only certain individuals-mainly girls can pull it off.

ES, you are combining 2 different categories of bottoms into one; the skinny jean and the legging, which are two different issues all together. Yes, both were born pre 1980’s fashion era and both were popular amongst men and women.

Lets take skinny into consideration first. The skinny, unlike the boot cut or flare, are meant to accentuate the lines of the legs. Skinny jeans look especially good on more slender women with long legs to boot. If you’ve chunkier legs, I suggest you not get a pair of skinny to save yourself the embarrassment and headache (but if you had to choose between skinny or legging, at least the skinny jeans will not show every curve on your body). For guys, ONLY skinny guys can pull off the skinny jean look, and that’s only to an extent of skinniness on the jeans. If you have more bulk, please stay away from the skinnies guys. You’ll just fail at trying to look like something you’re not.

The legging, which was very popular in the 80’s, made a come back only a few years ago. Leggings are notorious for a skin-tight feel because it’s made out of lightweight denims, terry, poly elastine mixes, spandex, etc. These bottoms are almost like sheer full bottom stockings for women. It will further accentuate your legs and this item will most indeed look good on slender women. It is however very unforgiving on chunkier women. So, if you don’t want any extra anomalies to appear, I suggest you give it a rest for someone else. For guys, unless you’re still living the dream of an 80’s glam rocker or dancing on Swan Lake, I have 3 words for you, “FORGET ABOUT IT!” That is all for now…Ciao.

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