Simon says, “Look into my colorful shapes and pound out the pattern I display for you. If you miss any, you’re a F&$king loser!” simon was a game introduced in the late 1970’s but really took off during the 80’s. It’s basically a black circular space-saucer with 4 differently colored buttons on top of the saucer. The goal of the game is to watch simon as it plays its colorfully melodic buttons and follow suit. If you mess up the pattern, you’re the loser. Neener neener, you’re a wiener!

Simon was produced by a company named Milton Bradley (now known as Hasbro). The game simon was actually based on an Atari game called “Touch Me Arcade Game.” The major difference between the 2 games is that Touch’s buttons were all black unlike Simon’s colorful buttons and that Simon produced better melody/sounds when the buttons are pressed.

Is it only me or does anybody else feel like every time you see a game that requires a lot of focus, you mentally picture yourself being Autistic and being awesome at the game? No? Probably only me then… When I started writing this entry, I kept on imagining autistic kids everywhere playing this thing and going ape shit with the buttons and beating the game on a single try, every time! I also get the image of that little kid from that old movie Mercury Rising and Rain Man. I don’t mean to make fun of autistic people, just that they have certain abilities that normal people lack with tasks that require a lot of attention. I guess basically I’m saying most people have A.D.D. and can’t count from 1 to 10 without being distracted by a furry rabbit on their lawn or a Kit Kat bar sitting on their counter.

In any case, this game was actually pretty cool. Good way for A.D.D. kids to sit down and really try to focus on something–remembering of random ass color/sound flash patterns and try to replicate it. Sounds easy? It’s not! After a while, you’ll try to sing the notes out loud with the colors as lyrics–trying to remember what Simon said. I guess the only way to experience it is to go out and find one for yourself. Now get out there and tap on those big colorful buttons you loonies.

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