Princess Sleeve

Once upon a time there were 3 sisters. The little sister was constantly being picked on by the other 2 sisters and the mom by having to do all the chorus and ridiculed constantly. One day the prince of their wonderful kingdom decided to have a ball and all were invited. The 2 evil sisters and the mom locked up the youngest sister so she wouldn’t find out about the ball. But with the help of her mystical friends, the little sister was able to find her way to the ball and had a wonderful time with the prince. Only catch was that she had to get home before the carriage she rode to the ball turned back into a piece of rock. On her way out, her dress torn and she lost a sleeve. The prince franticly chased the little sister but was only able to find a princess sleeve lying on the ground. The little sister was never again found because when her evil sisters and mother found out about her outing, they murdered her. The prince had the local tailor make all the girls of his kingdom princess sleeves and he eventually became estranged trying to find the girl he lost that night.

It is said in the history books (or not) that before the prince died, he invented a time machine and sent the princess sleeve into the future. The future was the decade of the 80’s and how marvelous it was. Just about any prom during the 80’s, any movie with prom during the 80’s, any remake of 80’s movies with a prom setting had the very essence of the princess sleeve. Girls wore from little to gargantuan princess sleeves and they all wore them proudly like a badge of honor. Of course the princess sleeves were worn normally as well but nowhere was it more suitable than at the fantabulous 80’s proms. There was just something je ne sais quoi about the princess sleeve. Besides the fact that it reminded people about clothing during the Victorian age but it literally made girls look like a princess (mostly in their own minds).

The princess sleeve is not my cup of tea due to the sheer amount of fabric associate with the sleeve alone. On some sleeves, you can probably hide a family of squirrels or a shit load of nuts that you happened to horde from the grocery store. The princess sleeve is definitely something peculiar but at the same time, Royally timeless, like Shrek the ogre. Some may love it and some may hate it but for what it’s worth, it’s a damn funny thing to see worn on a person. Damn it, maybe I’ll dress up as a cross-dressing 80’s prom girl for Halloween this year! Maybe not…maybe yes.

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