Pogo Ball

A ball with a platform makes ya – jump, jump, a ball shaped like Saturn makes ya – jump, jump, uh-huh, uh-huh, jump jump! What makes you jump? A Pogo Stick? WRONG! Pogo Stick was so a few posts ago but don’t trip jelly bean, we’re not in a contest here. 🙂

So, what makes you jump? A mother-freakin POGOBALL. That’s right, not a stick, but a ball! What the hell is a Pogo Ball? Well, like it’s relative the Pogo Stick, the Pogo Ball is also meant for “jumputainment”. I just made a word up, you catch that? It’s jump + entertainment = jumputainment. As Flava Flav puts it best, “YEAHHHH BOIIIIIIIIEEE!” Ok, lets get back on topic here. Back in antiquity, circa 1987, the toy company Hasbro introduced the Pogo Ball, a double rubberized ball infused together by a flat circular platform which you can stand on. Then, like a Pogo
Stick, you jump till your brains fall out. But unlike the Pogo Stick, there is not a spring loaded kick back and you won’t be able to jump as high.

The Pogo Ball was all the rage with the kids and like a bunch of tiny ADD crack heads minions, kids all over town bounced around till they tire and wither away to a deep sleep. Some tricks can also be performed while bouncing around on these balls of fury but the tricks were not as elaborately done as on a Pogo Stick. So for all of you who remember playing, bouncing, freaking out on a Pogo ball, stand up and jump around on your 2 feet because there are no ball balls for you to jump with, or are there? hmmm…. Happy balls out memories! Totally awesomely 80’s are here to stay!

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