Nintendo Power

UP UP, DOWN DOWN, LEFT RIGHT, LEFT RIGHT, B A, START was the Nintendo anthem that every kids tapped to on their game controllers, as everything around them fades away into obscurity. Nintendo was not only the largest selling 80’s console; it’s the largest selling console to date, in the year 2010. That’s is an amazing span of two
and a half decades dominating the video gaming industry. With a host of 1st inventions throughout the years; up to 4 multi-players, Gameboy, Rumble Pack, Wii motion controller, etc, it’s no wonder Nintendo is at the forefront of gaming tech. Everyone and their moms were playing the Nintendo (NES) and we all thought we kicked some major ass.

How can you go wrong when you debut in-game characters dressed like chimneysweepers in red and green, trying to save a frou-frou pink princess captured by the most badass dragon/turtle looking M-effer to ever step on this side of Middle Earth? You can’t! Super Mario Brothers has drama, action, horror and even some romance but who’s really worrying about that when you’re jumping around like a kid without his daily dose of Ritalin, getting high off of mushrooms and jumping on other mushrooms that chases you cause you’re hallucinating off your ass while going ape shit in front of the TV! Super Mario Brothers on the NES set off an entire generation of gamers and would-be gamers alike.

Nintendo dominated every 80’s kids’ childhood as it did mine. Some favorite games of mine are in no particular order, Contra (Badass!), Jackal (Badass!), Mike Tyson’s Punch Out (Even more Badass!), Double Dragon (BADDDASSS!), Battle Toads (Effin Awesome!), Skate or Die (Down Hill Goofy!) and a mess of other “Badass” games. And no, Zelda wasn’t one of my favorite games cause I wasn’t about to look for more princesses after shrooming with the Chimneysweep Bros. As stated by Nintendo, “Now you’re playin’ with power!” ah… memories of a better time.

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