Neon, neon, neon, neon! Mother freaking neon! Neon was all the rage during parts of the 80’s and it was EVERYWHERE! It’s as if some almost blind deity decided to just F%&K IT, grabbed a paint brush, picked the brightest of all color palettes and started painting everything bright ass colors. And bright ass colors he painted, all over town, all over people, all over the streets. No wonder I remember the 80’s so vividly (vivid is an understatement) even though I was only a child.

People miraculously started putting on the brightest hues of colors, neon to be specific. Just as a peacock fans out it’s beautiful tail feathers, people blinded each other with their over powerfully bright wardrobe. The whole world somehow seemed so much brighter. The sun shined, birds sang, and people rejoiced. I too was not without guilt of such simple pleasures. I wore my variety of neon caps proudly, without a shred of shame whatsoever. Of course I also acquired, neon shirts, shoes and other misc. accessories. One thing I did not wear was the neon pant. Yeah, it just wasn’t me, sorry about it!

I was recently on an 80’s movie binge and watched Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2. I wonder how I had ever missed those movies. OMG, I didn’t realize “Ozone” was the king of half-shirts! The guy wore them like I wear pants… Anyway, back to the topic of neon. At the end of Breakin’ 2, the dance marathon to save “Miracle”, a kids saving sanctuary, was literally an orgy of neon. I will post up the link to the last bit of Breakin’ 2 for you all the see. This has got to be some of the best display of 80’s neon anyone can ever ask for. You’ve got neon pants, neon half-shirts, neon head bands, neon gloves, neon shoes, neon every mother freaking thing under the this side of Mt. Olympus! I was thinking to myself, HOLY SHIT, this is the holy grail of neon revolution! Check it out people! If you don’t know how neon was like in the 80’s, check out the video and you’ll understand the significance of such phenomenon that unraveled back then. Check out the video below!

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