Michael Jackson

No matter how Michael Jackson changed his appearance or how crazy he may seem at times, no one can deny that he’s one of the biggest entertainers of the 80’s. Actually, Michael Jackson is the entertainer of the century. His Thriller album alone sold over 100 million copies along with numerous chart-topping songs (Billie Jean, Beat It, Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough, Bad, Man In The Mirror, just to name a few) to put Michael at the forefront of the entertainment industry.

Michael Jackson is a pioneer of the music video, philanthropist, peace-seeker, fashion icon and so much more during his prime. Michael’s career started out with the Jackson 5 but his solo career didn’t explode like it had till the 80’s. Popularizing such dance moves as the robot, pop and lock and moonwalk, Michael is the King of Pop, rocking out world wide to sold-out stadiums of screaming and fainting fans alike. But not all is good especially when you’ve been accused of being a child molester during the early 90’s. No one knows for sure how true the accusations are but with the upbringing Michael endured; physical and mental abuse form his father, anything is possible. As Dr. Drew would always ask his callers of love-line, “have you been abused by your parents when you were younger? “ 9 out of 10 times, the abused child will always carry a life-long mental distortion of a normal life. So could Michael have molested kids? Quite possibly…

I remember being a kid and watching Michael’s “Moonwalker” movie over and over. It was a very nice run through of Michael’s history, from childhood to the late 80’s. The movie includes a story that Michael wrote himself, which includes the awesome “Smooth Criminal” video. Of course Michael Jackson’s story had to be about him saving little kids, whatever that may mean. Michael Jackson is no saint but who really is? But what Michael is, is one awesome entertainer. Too bad Michael passed before he was able to perform again on the big stage, June of 2009. Michael’s passing is a true loss to everyone who had grew up with his music and have known his talents. MJ is one bad mother the world has ever known and we may never have someone like him ever again.

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