MacGyver is not just a show, it’s an entity that thrives on the resourcefulness of one bad, crazy scientist/engineer who can get through a bind using the most mundane of objects found in everyday life. MacGyver is not only great but also a legend in his own right. MacGyver is like Chuck Norris of ass kicking except he kicks ass without kicking ass. MacGyver is like Inspector Gadget with all the tools but without all the tools. MacGyver is like Houdini except his magic is real. Even “The most interesting man in the world” envies MacGyver cause he’s just full of awesomeness!

MacGyver was a show that aired on ABC from 1985-1992. The actor Richard Dean Anderson played MacGyver on the TV show. MacGyver was a scientist, engineer, anti-Bomb technician and everything else under the sun. MacGyver was the go to man when trouble arises and the troubles arise just about every episode. The only thing unique about MacGyver is that he does not use weapons. The only “weapon” he uses is his trusty Swiss Army knife. Basically, almost every episode of MacGyver is about him figuring out ways to get through a tough situation quickly with the help of some basic household items. MacGyver can stop sulfuric acid leak with chocolate. He can break boulders with water and fire extinguisher. He can also stop police cars with potatoes… you see where this is going.

MacGyver has become so popular that his name is often used as a term to describe the uncanny way of jury-rigging things. Such examples can be found when potheads misplace their pipe and ran out of zigzags but so happens they have an apple and some tin foil. In which case, “Dude, I totally MacGyvered that shit!” MacGyver will forever be an American icon and is something that needs to be passed on for future generations to appreciate the awesomeness that is MACGYVER!


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