Lite Brite

Ok, ok, so it wasn’t a toy from the 80’s but I sure as hell saw a lot of commercials for it on TV during the 80’s. Late Brite was a toy made by the company Hasbro in the 70’s and it’s basically a light box with a porous panel on front to plug in clear, colored plastic “lites”. The toy includes sheets of black paper with pre cut-out patterns so you know where to plug in the lites to make a pattern and where the lites do not plug into, the back light is blocked out.

This was a pretty nifty toy for its time. Even I wanted one although the commercials made it seem too fantastic, due to the commercials making it seemed like you just stick pins into a black surface and shit just lights up, like whaaaaaat… ????!!!!???!!!! Yeah, it was like mind-boggling for a little kid…ok, maybe it was just me.

When reminiscing back on the Lite Brites, I keep on wondering what pot head/raver could have thought up of such a thing? I’m sure there’s a minimum age requirement because what happens if a child accidently choked on some lite brites? I’m surprised that such occurrences have not been told many times over already. The playing with lights in the dark sounds just like something a raver tripped out on X would do. Glowing birds and rockets flying into the night sky, surrounded by clouds of rainbows…trippy yo! Whatever is the case, it’s all in good fun, PLUR yall!

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