Leg Warmer

Recently I wrote an entry about how I truly feel about the trend of wearing skinny jeans, which was very popular in the 80s. In this entry I might have implied that the trend was the direct result of rockers attempting to join the Moscow ballet. I am going to come clean. There is a good chance I was l actually lying about that.

However, there was one popular fad of the 80s that was taken directly from the ballet. Of course I am talking about leg warmers. In 1983 Jennifer Beals wore them in the movie “Flashdance,” in which she portrayed a struggling dancer. Leg warmers were originally exclusively used by ballet dancers to warm up their calves but in the aftermath of the movie, American teenage girls decided that their legs also needed the help of the warmers in order to prevent their muscles from cramping up in the middle of the mall. Girls started wearing the leg warmers with leggings, jeans and miniskirts.

I am not entirely sure how I feel about this trend but I sure am glad that many accidents were avoided because of leg warmers. Fashion saves lives and now we have concrete proof.

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