John Cusack and 80s flicks

I know some people still watch 80’s flicks but the majority does not. I’ve been re-watching many oldies but goodies recently and I’ve realized that modern flicks have lost a certain intangible feeling that the 80’s movies perpetuated. The modern movies do have better acting per se, better special effects, better filming techniques, etc, etc. The movies back in the 80’s are not as well acted but its fallibility gives it character and the innocence that’s present in these movies are unmistakably true and unforgettable. These are some of the reasons that I still re-watch many 80’s movies simply because those lost feelings can’t be found in many modern flicks.

One actor who’s caught my attention, as of late is John Cusack. I have been watching many of his 80’s movies and I’ve realized that they’re actually really funny and many are very touching as well. Some of his acting was very quirky to say the least, with many over the top moments but that’s what makes them so great, imo. Some of his films that I’ve been watching include, Better Off Dead, The Sure Thing, One Crazy Summer, Sixteen Candles, Say Anything etc. Since all of Cusack’s 80’s flicks are teen movies, they all appealed to me since I was a kid in back then. The only movie I did not enjoy was Say Anything, which I thought was rather dry and did not have the usual Cusack flare. My favorite Cusack movie being The Sure Thing because not only was it fun, but you felt for the characters in a connected way that you haven’t in a long while.

After watching so many of Cusack’s 80’s flicks, I went to saw Hot Tub Time Machine, the recent flick about a bunch of guys going back in time through a hot tub and changing their history. Cusack was one of the characters in the film and when I saw him, I totally understood the significance and connection of him being in the movie. There are many, many great actors and actresses from that 80’s era but John Cusack is one guy I will relish in watching from the decade of my childhood past.

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