Jelly Shoes

“My precious!” you muster under your breath as you eye a pair of sparkling, colorful plastic shoes from across the hall. The glitters encased in PVC clear plastic in a variety of colors sparkled from the rays of the this magnificent day. You reach for this mysteriously glowing pair of shoes, puts them on and you’re off in a jiffy to school.

Jelly shoes or “jellies” were part of a fashion stable during the early to late 80’s. Mind you the Jellies were not only popular in the U.S. but all over the world as well. The Jellies actually were brought to the U.S. by a guy named Preston Haag who went on a trip to South America. Preston saw people wearing them all over and struck a deal with the manufacturing company “Grendene” to distribute these fabulous shoes within the U.S.. It’s said that Bloomingdale’s were the one who bought and sold these jellies from the Grendene company and popularized them the world over.

I too had worn jellies when I was little. These shoes are not only fun to wear but they’re easy to wear, they’re cheap, they’re colorful and they’re easy to clean. If they get dirty, just rinse them off and put them back on. It’s that simple! Try rinsing your leather shoes or your canvas top shoes…it won’t happen buddy! These jellies made a few come backs the proceeding decades but it never gained the popularity is had from back in the 80’s. It’s a simple and great idea while it lasted but it’s a novelty item after all. It will however hold a place in all of our shoe wearing hearts forever :).

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