Half Shirts

Some things aren’t meant to be, such as half shirts on a guy…

For those few of you guys who didn’t know, the half shirt / belly shirt was actually made popular by guys in the 80’s. Yes, it’s hard to believe but it actually did happen. The half shirt was originally used by men who exercised or doing various aerobic activities. Football jerseys influenced the “design” of half shirts because it provided optimal cooling through airflow. But God forbid, working out shirtless is so much worse than running around with a shirt that appears too small with your navel exposed-GENIUS!

Of course most people are more familiar with ladies half shirts, which gained in popularity as the men’s “halfies” started to dissipate in popularity. Can you imagine if guys still wore half shirts and complained because schools banned them from wearing it? “How will I show off my tramp stamp if I can’t wear my “halfies?!?” I puke to the thought of an idea such as that.

Good thing people who still wear the half shirts are women or clubbers at 80’s theme night. Of course many will disagree on such topic but it all comes down to matters of opinion anyway. I think we should start a national Happy Half Shirt Day when everyone has to wear half shirts for the entire day! it would be hilarious!

Update: I was just watching Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2 and WOW, “Ozone” is like the man of half shirts. He has one in a rainbow of colors and his style is pretty fresh to death yo!

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