“If there’s something strange, in your neighborhood. Who yaw gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!” “If there’s something weird and it don’t look good. Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTER!”The theme that endlessly played for years during your 80’s late afternoon children’s cartoon broadcast was nothing short of awesomeness! To think of it, you can even remix the theme song for a dance club and fist pump till you turn into a Guido yourself. Anyhow, Ghostbusters was an awesome movie series turned network cartoon. The notion of scripting a fun, paranormal fighting geek squad was a gem at the theaters and on network TV for all of America.

Main characters: Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston are a bunch of parapsychologist who ran out of work and decided to create an establishment that busted ghosts and other anomalies. Based in New York, the Ghostbusters are stationed out of an abandoned firehouse. Ghostbusters were famous for the tools they used such as the P.K.E. Meter (Psycho-Kinetic Energy Meter), which detected ghosts by the amount of energy they gave off. Another tool was the Proton Pack, which aids the capture of ghosts by firing positively charged streams of protons at negatively charged energy of a ghost. Another main tool that Ghostbusters used was the Ghost Trap. Used in conjunction with the Proton Pack, the Ghost Pack is remotely opened to capture the ghosts held in place by the Proton Pack.All these cool gadgets and imagery of capturing ghosts had kids in the 80’s run wild with imagination. Everyone wanted to be a Ghost buster and fry the Marshmallow man. I know I definitely wanted my very own Proton Pack. That thing is so badass! I still want a Proton Pack btw…

2 movies and a slew of cartoons later, Ghostbusters had become an iconic symbol of the 80’s comedy. The theme song still lives on in the hearts of many and for some, its tale is never ending. There’s even hint at a 3rd Ghostbusters in the future with cameos from the original cast! If you have forgotten about the Ghostbusters, I suggest you watch and relive the happiness that was once your childhood past in the 80’s.

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