Fanny Packs

Fanny Packs

Fanny pack, bum bag, what have you, was the universally accepted domesticated “utility belt” of the 80’s and early 90’s. Fanny pack’s basic construction was a belt like device that fits around your waist with a bag attached. Everyone and their mothers were wearing these fanny packs, especially tourists. I know I did… My adolescent self had these pouches in multitude of colors, ranging from neon to darker jewel toned colorations. My favorite was a purple fanny pack that I wore on walks, to the store, riding on my bike, everywhere.

To give it some credit, fanny packs were very useful. It carried all of your necessities depending on the size and the number of compartments of bag you had. Some were even especially made to concealed carry fanny packs, carrying concealable weapons. I just carried my wallet, gum, candy and other misc junk I had.

People had all different styles of wearing their packs as well. Some wore it to the front, some to the side and others to the back. Be careful though. If a guy wore their pack in the front and subsequently was carrying say a 5lb metal ball, please do not run around and do jumping jacks or you’ll fall to the ground crying from the object in the pack smacking your sack, no lies. Wearing it to the side always seemed a bit more hip to me, which is not as mundane as wearing the fanny pack front or rear. The rear packers fit more in line with bike riders because having a lump on top of your butt walking around just seemed awkward.

As the years gone by, the notion of wear a fanny pack became somewhat of a fashion faux pas. That is, until recently, the likes of Prada, Gucci, LV tried to resurrect such awesome phenomena of the 80’s. The newer bags do look more sophisticated but still conjures the nostalgia we the children and adults of the 80’s experienced. Are designer fanny packs for women and men accepted now as a throw back? Some think so while most detest the idea of such things they’ve left behind so many years ago.

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