Converse All Stars

Converse All Stars, a classic that will never die.

Converse All Stars AKA Chucks have been popular since the 1950’s. The “Chucks” as we’ve learned to call them were originally customized for Chuck Taylor, a basketball player who saw potential in the shoe made by Converse for athletic purposes. Athletes, punk rockers, greasers and many others all coveted the Converse Chuck Taylor for it’s easy wear ability and simple fashionable styles. With many combinations of material and colorization, Converse All Stars became one of the most fashionably versatile shoes known to the world today.

I personally have bought Chucks for many years and have gone through many color variations. They are one of the only shoes you can pair pretty much with anything. To be able to go casual or dressy along with a pair of matching chucks to boot is just awesome. Some of my favorite Chucks include the Metallic series and the leatherette series in black and white. In recent years, Converse has worked with designer John Varvatos on designing the lace-less versions of the Chuck as well as John Varvatos Signature Chucks. Both iterations are very easy to wear and highly fashionable.

Chucks have always been popular but they seem to gain steam each and every year. Many high-end fashion companies use the basic ideas from the Chucks while designing their own brand of shoes. Chuck is and will forever be one of the most popular shoes, ever.

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