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Gyoza? Gryzor? Oh, Contra! Who here remembers playing the game Contra on the NES by Konami like the first time you took a breath of air, please raise your hand. No one? Well, you’re either blind or a vide game noob from the year 2000+. For you gaming noobs, shut up, sit down and learn something from the past, you 3D watching, tessellation wishing, Call Of Duty fanboys.

Contra was widely considered one of the top 10 NES games for its entire library of games. Originally, Contra was released in the arcade and was known by the title of “Gryzor”, gizzard lizard mumbo jumbo. The original story line involved futuristic commandos fighting terrorist in the year 2633. When the game was ported to the NES in 1988, the games’ name was changed the “Contra” (a much cooler name) and instead of fighting terrorists, the commandos are fighting invading aliens during modern times in South America, much like the concept of the movie Predator.


No one can forget the names Bill “Mad Dog” and Lance “Scorpion”, who are two of the baddest mofos running around in red and blue pants shooting up the armies of Red Falcon (the invading aliens race). A name more fitting for the game would have been “AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!” but the game was made by the Japanese and how did they know we were going to be fighting terrorist in the future instead of aliens‚Ķhmmmmm.

Konami Code

Contra was one of the first games to utilize the Konami code: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start, which later became an iconic Nintendo pastime in 80’s pop culture. This code was actually a necessity because each player defaulted with only 5 lives and one hit by a bullet will cause you to lose a life. Unless you’re a kid with dexterity of a cat, your little fingers will cause you to die more in Contra than using them to pick boogers from your snot filled little noses. Bottom line, this game is hard as hell if you don’t know the code and you NEED the code to win, period.

Instead of rambling on and on about the game, here’s a clip of what Contra looks like originally on the NES. Now go get yourself some old school NES roms and kill some Red Falcons. AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!

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