Clothes Worn In 80s

Clothes worn in the 80’s, much like the decade itself, was about extravagance, status, attaining wealth and the basic notion that-if you’ve got it, flaunt it. The clothes worn in 80s saw a drastic change from the decades preceding it. From hippie floral dresses and more fitted clothes emerged something that’s totally the opposite.

Celebrities, media, social change all had their hands in the fashion revolution for clothes worn in the 1980’s. Madonna, Don Johnson (Miami Vice), Michael Jackson, Flash Dance, just to name a few, had great impact on the way people dressed to impress. Clothes worn in the 1980s was all about huge presence, colors, power dressings, dressing up to be noticed.

Pants were baggy, pleated and high waist, a las the famed pants made famous by Z. Cavaricci and Girbaud. Leggings, tights, tube socks, coupled with over-sized sweaters with one side hanging off the shoulder became a fashion stable for women all over. Clothes worn in 80s by men and women also saw a huge influx of colors, from pastels to intensely blinding rainbow of neon. Miami Vice gave us the shirt under the jacket look while Michael Jackson made popular for us leather jacket, pants and one glove because we were so “BAD” Eeeeeheeeee! Women ruled the 80s with their “Power Dressing”. Shoulder pads were as common as T-Shirts. Of all clothes worn in the 80s, shoulder pads should be the most prominent. The power dressing comes when women were more in control of their prowess, their abilities in the work force. To stand amongst lions, they made themselves more noticeable with the upside down triangle geometric figure that is created with the powerful essence of the shoulder pads.

Don’t forget about label whoring – one essence of clothes worn in 80s. This was a time of great flashiness and with flashiness comes the “flauntabulousness” of label whoring, which is also a reminder for ones social status. This is just the tip of the iceberg for clothes worn in 80’s but we’ll be touching more in-depth on specific items, people, memories and other quirky things in our discussions of Clothes worn in 80s blog. Hope you all stick around and come back for frequent updates and memories lost and memories remembered.

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