Bolo Ties

Ba Ba Ba Ba Bolo, as in Bolo ties. Do you kids of 2010 even know what a freakin’ “Bolo” tie is? I’m pretty sure you guys have no flippin’ clue as to what, where, how, or even when a Bolo tie was popular or even legally worn… Let me tell you a little about the good old Bolo, Hola!

The Bolo was is a necktie that’s constructed most commonly with braided leather or cord. The cord is folded and in the mid-section, there is usually a decorative metal ornament (around the area closes to the neck). The dangling end of the Bolo tie is usually adorned with metal tips.
The look of the Bolo tie is also very Western influenced. Originally, the Bolo ties were popular starting back in the 1950’s through 70’s. States like Arizona and New Mexico even blessed the necktie accessory as their own official state neckwear.

The Bolo tie popularity made a come back in the 1980’s and briefly in the 90’s. This time around, a variety of Bolo ties were made with more fashion forward and updated designs all over the world. You can probably even make your own Bolo tie with some shoe string, a large button and some golf tees.

I’ve even worn these Bolo ties when I was younger, although I don’t have any pictures to prove it. I actually didn’t even know what they were called back then. I just wore it because people gave them to me and others were wearing it as well. I just wanted to be hip, can you blame me? Heck no! If I was wearing the original Bolo ties today, you’d think I was smoking crack unless I was dressed in all Western wear. Anyhow, the Bolo ties were a large part of the 80’s no matter how you slice it. If you were an 80’s kid, you’d know what I’m talking about. If you’re not an 80’s kid, too bad for you…you missed out on some good, funny shit from back in the day.

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