Asics Tigers

Finding Who I am

The biggest fashion trend that reemerged from the 80s in my opinion is sneakers. Everybody and their mama is sporting some throwback Nike’s, Pumas or LA Gears with flashing lights these days. By the way, there is a very good reason why LA Gear had to file for bankruptcy. Their shoes are hideous. Lets not try to bring them back. Some things are just better left in the 80’s

When it came time for me to pick my eighties sneaker of choice, I had to consider many different factors. What will the shoe say about me? Can I wear them with short shorts? Do they make them in men size 6.5? (Yes I know I have tiny feet) Is it age appropriate for someone in their early thirties?

Making that decision was one of the most difficult choices I had to make in my entire life. I ended up losing fifteen pounds and getting fired from my job. My life was falling apart and there was nothing that I could do. Falling into the dark abyss of fashion mediocrity was my only choice. As I was walking around a local Blockbuster in the middle of the night, it hit me. Val Kilmer has not been in a good movie since Tombstone and I have not seen Kill Bill in over a year.

Watching Kill Bill that night, I realized that the answer has been there all along. I was simply asking the wrong questions. In the movie Uma Thurman wears yellow Asics Tigers and they look amazing. Comfortable, stylish and there are plenty of colors to match my collection of skin tight jumpsuits. That was my journey.
What was yours?

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