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steve jobs and Woz Did 1984 end up being like “1984”? Heck no! Apple computers smashed 1984 into oblivion with the introduction of the Apple Macintosh computer, their first offering of a truly affordable personal computer for consumers with a graphical interface. Lets rewind a few years back just for a moment. A young Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created the first Apple computer, mainly motherboards with cpu/ram etc out of their garage in 1976. Apple was incorporated in 1977 and introduced a host of computers for the next few years, the Apple I, II and III. But due to their price, these iterations of Apple computer did not take off. Comes 1984 and Apple introduces the first Macintosh and the rest is history. Riding on the cusp of unforeseen internal company politics, Steve Jobs, was forced off the Apple board and he later resigned and found Next Inc. and later Pixar Animation Studios.

Apple’s Midlife Crisis

During Job’s absence from 1985 to 1997, Apple was still doing well but its momentum had slowed and eventually, the company came crashing down to the tune of almost bankrupting. Insert Steve Jobs in 1997. Apple had bought up Job’s Next Inc. who’s software eventually became the underlaying foundation for the Mac OS X operating system. Steve returned to Apple and it was celebrated as if it was the return of the king. Jobs immediately went to work and through his impeccable foresight on technology and marketing genius, he brought Apple back to profitability. Jobs gave birth to the “i” in the Apple i-products. Jobs launched the iMac, ibook, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Due to the success of these products, Apple have come from a company that was on the brink of extinction to the most valuable company in the world, in 2011, even surpassing Exxon mobile. Phew! That was the uber short version of how Apple came to be, rolled down Mt. Everest then climb all the way back up to the moon. For a tech company, Apple had the ultimate roller coaster ride and it’s just starting it’s 2nd half of it’s life at the top all over again.

Passing Of A Leader

You can say that Jobs ruled Apple with an Iron fist, if you will. His sense of design and demand for perfection is a major factor in both style and quality of products Apple built. During Apple’s return to glory, Steve Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004 and went through surgery. Jobs had survived cancer for the time being but in 2009 he took time off to have a liver transplant and have had several health hiatuses till he finally resigned as CEO this past August. Jobs grew increasingly frail and everyone worried about his health. A day after the introduction of the iPhone 4S, Apple announced the passing of Steve Jobs. We later learned it was caused by his returning cancer. Millions mourned at the loss of this tech titan. Heads of tech company all sent their condolences for Jobs as thousands of costumers also left messages at the Apple store around the globe. Steve Jobs was not only a great leader of a company but his vision, his marketing genius is what put him at the top of his game. His loss not only affects his customers but the tech industry as a whole, for Jobs + Apple is the Haute Couture of the tech world. Steve Jobs, RIP Oct 5th, 2011.

Personal Apple Experience

Personally, I have been using Apple Macintosh since elementary since the 80’s. We had the Apple II GS is our class rooms and we’d play Oregon Trail all day, everyday! After school, I’d go to my friends house and we’d play Dark Castle, Shuffle Puck on his beige box Macintosh. Those were some seriously fun games for its time. My family’s first Mac didn’t come till around ’92 with our own Mac LCII. It was a beast of a computer known as the “pizza box” with 16Mhz CPU, 80MB Hard Drive, 4MB RAM and 256k GPU. Oh yeah, that’s some raw power, not! My family have owned different Macs ever since our first Mac but also bought PCs as well but we have always stuck to the Macs.

You can call me a fan boy or what have you but I know I’ve stuck with the platform when it wasn’t the popular platform in the 90’s. I’ve been using the Mac for the majority of my life and the changes it went through from the 80’s till now is pretty astonishing. Both in the technological sense and the industrial design sense. It’s gone from a beige plastic box to a nicely carved computer out of glass and aluminum. No other computer company has put more work into the design and the user experience into a computer than Apple has. Many people say Apple is a waste of money and you can get a PC equivalent for 1/2 the price. This may be true but Apple is more about the experience as a whole, from the design, to the user interface, to the Apple eco system, the Apple stores, the worry free warranty, and basic quality of the over-all product. No wonder Apple has been the top most satisfactory computer company for the past many years. Ok, everything in this post is sounding too tame but I just wanted to share Apple as one of the best things to have come out of the 80’s. Cheers.

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