What do you get when you cross an e-wok with an armadillo and a small pony? Some weird looking harry midget with a long snout? WRONG! You get “ALF” mother-fathers! ALF, aka Alien Life Form is one hip little dude to say the least. Alf is one of the few aliens I’ve ever known to grasp the English tongue from the get go (Transformers are the other) as well as having encounters with cats (since cats were a delectable snack on his home planet Melmac). Oh yeah, Alf’s name also happens to be Gordon Shumway… I suppose English is not only spoken worldwide but also Universe-wide as well.

Alf was a TV series that aired from ’86 through ’90. Alf aka Gordon Shumway was an alien who crash-landed in the garage of the Tanner family living in suburban Los Angeles. The Tanners were intrigued by this misplaced traveler and decided to help him fix his spacecraft and hide him from danger. Alf essentially becomes a part of the Tanner family and with his quick wits and lack of concern for others, he often can be found getting into many mischief’s which irate the family to no end, especially the daddy Tanner. Oh yeah, I’ve mentioned this before. Alf has a habit of hunting down the family cat “Lucky” because where Alf is from they apparent eat cats.

I was recently watching some episodes of Alf on YouTube and it’s even funnier now that I’m older. Alf is one funny crack head short of a tweaking Alien. His comedy is so money now that I actually laugh at what he is saying instead of how funny he looks. When I was younger, I watched Alf because he’s just a funny looking crack head. I had no idea what he was yapping about or what’s what. I was a kid, give me a break! If you’ve never seen Alf, I suggest you check it out because the 80’s had some wacky funny shows that just aren’t available to us anymore. Check out Alf! <--Click here for the entire season 1 on YouTube!

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