Acid Wash Denim

Gotta love them acid wash denim goods!

What is acid wash denim you ask? Well, I guess if you’ve been living under a rock for the past 3 decades then you would be clueless. Otherwise, get with the program! Just kidding! A denim company named Rifle jeans originally brought acid wash to popularity in the 1980’s. Acid wash is accomplished by washing raw denim goods with pumice stones soaked in bleach (pumice stones are these porous stones used during the stone washing cycle of denim goods). You will get varying results of the acid effect on your denim pending on the amount of time you wash the denim with the bleach soaked pumice stones. Too long or too short of stone wash time will yield unfavorable results so you have to tinker around to get it just right.

I remember having many pairs of acid wash jeans but my favorite pair when I was a kid was this pair of cargo acid jeans. These jeans were rather fitted with cargo pocketing details running around both sides of the leg. The cargo pockets were rather useful and I carried a crap load of stuff with me while in elementary. To my dismay, one day after gym, my pants were nowhere to be found! WTF? Did someone really steal my pants? I was kind of sad but got over it soon enough. Damn you acid wash thieves…!

Acid wash denim has not been on the scene for the better part of the 90’s and early 2000’s. But, during the past 2 years, we have seen an insurgence of its revival in the denim world. The acid wash of late has not only taken on the vintage ideals of what acid wash stands for but went above and beyond it. We have implemented many tie-dye inspired bleaching effects, all over bleach, acid with rips and torn, etc. Stone wash has slowly crawled back into our lives once again but it may leave us just as quickly as it came back? Maybe? Maybe not? At least it should last longer than the come back of fanny packs, haha


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